Tuesday, September 10, 2013

London Photo Bomb Day 3

Sorry for the delay, going through pictures, souvenirs, and guide books is more time consuming then I thought. I really want to make sure to document this wonderful experience, but I really thought recapping would be easier then this...I really want to try to remember all the fun and unique experiences that we had.

We parted our friends house outside of London with all our luggage and made our way to the hotel for the night on day 3. We would be leaving early the 4th day on the Eurostar and stayed close to the terminal since we had pre-purchased our transportation to Paris. Most hotels in Europe allow you to check in and leave your baggage in a storage area until your room is vacant and cleaned so it made touring much easier. We relied on our Rick Steve's London handbook when picking out our hotels for most of the trip and he never failed in providing a comfortable, clean, and air conditioned room. This time we stayed at The Sumner Hotel, close to the Marble Arch and several tube stations.

We stayed in a district of London that is now predominately occupied with Middle Eastern Muslim families and businesses. We had been recommended a place for lunch, but we failed to realize that it was Ramadan and they were closed, however, the restaurant across the street was open and serving the tourists...I did feel bad about eating though, knowing that they weren't able to. The hotel was just a couple blocks from the Marble Arch, a ceremonial arch that originally was located by Buckingham Palace, but when the Palace needed to be expanded was relocated to this district of the city.

After leaving our things at the Hotel and Eating some tasty lamb we headed out to the British National Museum. It has free admission and is home to hundreds of priceless artifacts from parts of the world that were vital to the development humans. It is also the home of the Rosetta Stone (the key to deciphering the Egyptian hieroglyphics).

It was amazing to walk around and see sculptures and monuments of rulers from thousands of years ago. To see what the people of that day valued, believed in, and decided was beautiful.

Just like the National Gallery, we used a Rick Steve's audio tour that I had downloaded to my phone and walked around listening to his description and overview of the art and cultures that created them.

The tour also helped us understand the different cultures that coexisted in the same regions and in the influences they had on each other.

From the Museum we headed towards the SouthBank, an older part of London that was the original site of the Winchester Palace. The Bishops of Winchester resided at the Palace for over 500 years, and oversaw one of the more famous prisons "The Clink".

Just down the street we also saw the reconstructed Globe Theatre. We also caught MacBeth at the recreated Shakespeare's Globe starting at intermission...scoring free tickets from someone who never showed up. We had standing floor tickets and were part of the action as actors came on and off the stage at various times.

From the Globe we walked over the Millennium Bridge and caught a cab to St James Park.

We walked through the park with views of Buckingham Palace in front of us.

And busy London streets to the side.

I was lucky enough to catch the above picture, pretty much sums up London.

Outside of Buckingham Palace....it was a mad mess with the upcoming birth of the newest royal.

J caught in the act of taking a picture at St. James Palace's back gate.

We continued our touring for most of the evening, we followed and listened to more of the Rick Steve's  walks enjoying the sights, sounds...I would say smells...but sewer smell was noticeable most of the time outside...maybe it was that large grease formation that we were smelling. We enjoyed some Thai food and headed back for the night to catch some shut eye before the next part of our journey started.

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